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Have you ever wanted to discover who is calling me,  and where does he live, only to find that it does not appear in the phone book or public white pages? If the answer is yes, should think about using a reverse white pages service. A reverse phone look up service is the only way to get legal access to privately held databases maintained by cell phone companies.

And the best part is that reverse phone look up services search in and cross reference data from many different database from multiple companies at once – enabling you to get that info you need, including the identity and address for almost every cell phone or land line number in the United States, regardless if the number is listed or not accord with the phone firms that keep and maintain the database in question, meaning that they are restricted from distributing the information to ensure that the privacy of customers is ensured.

On the other hand, you might be interested in free reverse phone look up. It can be possible to reverse phone look up people without paying a fee, but the options are very limited. Basically, you will have to do it the hard way and spend much more time than you would if you would use a professional reverse phone look up service. You would have to start by searching for the phone number in databases available to the public- in the white pages, in the phone book, in Google and other major search engines, as well as in Facebook, Myspace and other social networks – all in the hope that the number in you are looking for has been posted somewhere.

Of course, the data gathered this way can be inaccurate, since almost anyone can create and modify it anonymously – after all, these are public databases, and anyone can access them just like you can. And worse of all, the chances of success will probably be very slim – but if you have a lot of time on your hands, you are welcome to give free reverse phone look up a try. Professional reverse phone look up services, on the other hand, will almost always provide a minimum of full name and current, accurate address for any number you query. However, the best reverse phone look up will also provide additional data, like the names, addresses and phone numbers of family members, additional or alternative phone numbers, emails, and other bits of useful information. If you want to know “who is calling me” just enter the number in the box.