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Hi There,
I want to tell you a crazy story that happened to me a while back, and why I wish that I had known about reverse white pages. It was about 10 years ago and I thought I was with the girl of my dreams. She was beautiful, kind, my family loved her every thing I could have ever wanted. Then strange things started happening, like all of a sudden she had to go to work an hour early and she would get calls on her cell phone from numbers she said she didn’t know or so she said. Then she started wanting to have “Girls nights out” 2 or 3 times a week. By now I was getting this feeling, you know the one that you cant put your finger on, but you just know something’s up.

She became very secretive, every time her phone would ring she would leave the room. She was going out more, and wouldn’t tell me when she would be home or where she was going. She would get defensive every time I would try to talk to her about it. So our next cell phone bill came, I noticed several calls from the same number. I decided to call the number to find out who it was, but no one would answer. The voice mail was just automated, I left messages, but no one would call back. I asked her about the number, she insisted that she didn’t know who it was. This is why I wish I would have known about the reverse white pages. I could have looked up the number on reverse white pages and found out who it was. It ended up being a guy she worked with, that I had met several times. So if I would have known it was his number calling my girlfriend, then I would have been able to figure out exactly what was going on a lot sooner. If I would have known about reverse white pages I could have moved on much sooner, and not wasted so much time. So I want everyone to know about reverse white pages, so this doesn’t happen to you.

Good Luck,