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704-226-4790 - 7042264790 (704) 226-4790 phone number

The information related to the phone number here is the information shared by users. If you called the phone number you can leave your review to inform the users. You can provide information about an unknown phone number or ask questions. The free services for phone number reverse search feed from public databases. If you haven’t requested to make it a private number, most likely your landline number is listed there. For another sort of numbers, like mobile phones, there is no information on such databases.
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North Carolina State Monroe, NC City Frontier Communications Of The Carolinas Inc Company Union County Landline Usag Zip Code
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Debt Collector %33.3333 - Total 5
Scammer %33.3333 - Total 5
Unknown %20.0000 - Total 3
Missed Call %13.3333 - Total 2

Total Query : 380

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Debt Collector
Reported receiving calls from this number.

Called my cell phone and left a message (perhaps Inside-Out?) saying not to listen if I wasn't the person mentioned. I listened anyway since it was for my son who lives half-way across the country. They went on to leave a mostly intelligible message about lawsuits and arbitration and ended with, "NAME, you have officially been notified."
My son has never lived in NC, nor has he ever had my phone number attached in any way to him. What are these people trying to do in contacting relatives? Isn't this illegal? Left a callback number of 866-203-0898 which comes back to the same place in Monroe, NC.

Reported date :2016-06-06 15:00:13


Reported receiving calls from this number.

Make that *unintelligible* :-)

Reported date :2016-06-06 15:01:44


Reported receiving calls from this number.

Called me twice looking for my son who lives halfway across the nation. Told them twice not to call me again and reported both instances to the FTC. Suspect it is a bill collector but no FDCPA announcement. Probably a sleazy collections office.

Reported date :2016-06-20 21:05:17

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