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  • 2017-09-28 23:48:08 Unknown

    Been getting calls most of the day from 602-585-9562, 602-338-9461, 602-338-9462,602-338-9468 and 602-338-9402. I think it's a landline but I do not want to call back in case my number gets hacked somehow.

  • 2017-08-15 12:11:04 Unreachable

    BEWARE!! This caller trolls women for unprotected sex. He is married (Pam), uses the alias "David Kidd" but his real name is Daren Hess and he lives in San Tan Valley, Arizona and has a son (who is NOT handicap) He has been reported numerous times by numerous women as being sexually harassing.

  • 2016-10-25 14:25:06

    Asked for me by name then asked for my last 4 of my SSN then when I wouldn't give it to them they said they were going to prepare my documents for my court appearance. Total scam

  • 2016-10-21 17:50:40

    Calls multiple times a day, if you answer there's no one on the line. The last two numbers of the phone number constantly change.

  • 2016-10-18 18:06:40

    When I answered no one there, then the phone hung up

  • 2016-10-18 14:17:23

    This phone number belongs to a debt collector. I told them I would like to pay off my debt. They were happy to hear that. I told them right now I can only afford $20/month and they freaked out. They wanted to finance me and I told them I don't need financing. I need to pay off my debt. I told them the $20 was temporary and I was looking for a 2nd job so I can get my life back in order and they just could not handle the $20 a month. I then told them to email me or send me a letter and they can just take my $20 a month as a start and hung up. I understand they have a job to do. I understand if I had just paid off my debt they wouldn't be calling me. They just don't want to listen and they want they payments they want and not what I can give right now. I didn't have to call them back when they didn't leave a voicemail but I did. That should at least let them know that I was trying. Alltrans financial???? I think that's what they said their name was.

  • 2016-10-11 18:33:39

    Person just hung up after questioning who they are. Obvious collection scammers.

  • 2016-10-06 02:28:02

    Multiple calls late at night. No messages left, hung up when I stated my name.

  • 2016-09-30 20:47:54

    Most likely a scammer since I answered, they hung up without a word and when I tried to call back I got the classic "your call cannot be completed as dialed".

  • 2016-09-30 14:22:35

    they have called several times and I hear a man and a woman laughing and talking but they leave no message.

  • 2016-09-27 23:01:37

    When I answer and ask who they are and what they want, the person responds like a broken record repeating a phrase and then hang up. They have been calling everyday, more than once, for several weeks.

  • 2016-09-26 16:05:21

    I added to my reject list, and I get 3 calls back to back about 2-3 times a week. Never did leave any info or message and unable to return call. I suspect it is either a scam or telemarketer.

  • 2016-09-23 13:49:12


  • 2016-09-22 18:37:55

    I filled out a paper at the sportsman expo and it's regarding a "free" night stay at a resort. I asked them to take me off the list and the lady was nice and said she would. But I blocked their number regardless.

  • 2016-09-20 17:15:20


  • 2016-09-19 16:08:55

    This is Debt collector who is working with cases that have complaints or that are going to be judgments if not settled. I spoke to the guys and they had the wrong number and were calling me thinking it was someone else. I would suggest calling back and letting them know if they have the wrong number or you will continue to get calls.

  • 2016-09-16 23:37:54

    Lance Yarmer Value Place Phoenix, AZ

  • 2016-09-16 13:46:07

    Answered, and it sounded like an automatic message with a gentleman's voice then it hung up.

  • 2016-09-15 17:45:48

    " does not accept incoming calls"

  • 2016-09-15 16:29:23

    Receiving numerous calls daily from this number, recording indicates name of someone I do not know. I've pressed "0" and asked them to remove my number from their call list, they rudely interrupted my request and hung up on me. They continue to call daily. They provide a claim# with a return # of 1-888-389-1695.

  • 2016-09-14 12:11:50

    Received a call from 6022836815, I am in Phoenix, AZ they left a voice mail, Jennifer Brooks calling regarding a fax order, it also said that is was a final attempt and to call back at 855 223 6852

  • 2016-09-12 01:08:36

    I need message

  • 2016-09-08 15:13:52

    its time to pop some call centre headphones with really loud bass lol

  • 2016-09-06 13:25:11

    selling magazines

  • 2016-08-31 16:45:51

    debt collector 3rd party harrassing

  • 2016-08-31 16:45:06

    horrible threatening harrassing dont talk to them

  • 2016-08-31 12:58:58

    I called the number back. It is just a heating and a/c company doing business

  • 2016-08-30 17:12:31

    Don't EVER call my wife and speak to her in the kind of vile language you used. I will hunt you down, CHUMP!!!

  • 2016-08-29 18:48:32

    I received this call while attending the theater with my wife. The man behind me got so upset that I hadn't set my phone to silent, he shot me in the head and now I am dead.

  • 2016-08-28 17:26:38

    The number is Conns furniture and appliance - if you have a payment past due they are calling to remind you and make payment.

  • 2016-08-26 14:22:27

    A missed call from this number on a Saturday afternoon. No voicemail. Returned the phone call immediately with a *67 and the number was reported the number had been changed or disconnected.

  • 2016-08-26 11:49:31

    This is collections call from Conns furniture

  • 2016-08-19 14:14:46

    Gateway One Lending

  • 2016-08-15 20:38:09

    Robo-telemarketer selling most likely time shares. Offered free cruise to the Bahamas, My number is on the National Do Not Call registry.

  • 2016-08-10 01:10:06

    Text message that read, "msg back whhen u get this" I responded with simply question marks, to which they replied, "I was hoping I'd hear from you, wasnt sure you'd get back to me at all. Delighted you did tho, handsome!" I, in turn, asked who was sending the message and the never replied. I don't know anyone who would have a Phoenix number so I'm certain it's spam or a scam of some sort.

  • 2016-08-09 18:36:08

    Received a call on our office line from this #. I answered and there was a pause and then it disconnected. I called it back and just received a busy signal. ??

  • 2016-08-05 16:32:29

    Not a call. Was a TEXT received. "Message received: "Hi, I am interested in your desk and printer stand. Would it be possible to come look at it today or tomorrow? Thanks! Heather 1:00 PM" When I replied: wrong number "Sorry, thanks for letting me know. 1:05 PM" Other links list other names and other phone services carriers, so I am uncertain if the person named in the Text is real or not

  • 2016-08-04 13:04:26

    Received a text from at 3:43 am on 8/4/16: "Subject:HMU WHHEN U GET A MIN PLS 16024296620." Did not reply.

  • 2016-08-03 04:04:08

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  • 2016-08-02 00:08:50

    message left said "die" pretty creepy....

  • 2016-07-30 02:44:32

    Calls can't understand why to just hang up

  • 2016-07-28 16:50:18

    no vm left didn't answer

  • 2016-07-27 16:20:11

    music for 5 mins on my answering machine, nothing else.

  • 2016-07-19 14:49:23

    I guess this a bill collector. Called asking for my husband but i asked her 3 tines to repeat whete she was calling from and she ept mumbling the name.

  • 2016-07-16 18:10:00

    conn's home store

  • 2016-07-09 13:21:30

    They called twice. Second time left an unrecognizable message (as if not talking into phone speaker, but to someone else). I tried calling back. The first time recording said to leave a message... I hung up because I didn't know whose number it is. the Second time, the person on LOUD SPEAKER said, Yes This Belinda, I've been trying to set up an appointment for grooming... when I tried to politely cut her off to say she has the wrong number, there is no one here that needs grooming. She again Joyfully started in with yes, yes, yes, this is Belinda... Again I waited for a pause and said you don't understand You have the wrong number. I don't know who you are, and I don't need anything groomed!. She again started with I am Belinda, and I have been trying to get a hold of you, at which point I said I am sorry I believe you have the wrong number, I don't need anything groomed. As if a light bulb went on, she said oh. Oh I am sorry, are you sure because... and I said goodbye

  • 2016-07-07 14:30:35

    Several calls within minutes and they never leave a message

  • 2016-06-30 01:42:51

    Called me twice today. Once in the morning before anyone should be calling at 6:30 am and then again later this morning. No messge left on my answering machine.

  • 2016-06-23 12:01:08

    Call was a machine saying it was with a lawyers office. But google cant find the office.

  • 2016-06-22 20:57:38

    received a call today threatening.. if you were legit you would leave more message then this.., go away

  • 2016-06-11 14:33:36

    For months I have been receiving these annoying calls. When I pick up, the call disconnects. Reported them but to no avail m

  • 2016-06-11 14:04:26

    Wanted 1500$ so Facebook would give me 200,000$

  • 2016-06-11 14:03:36

    Wanted $1500 for fees so Facebook would give me $200,000.00

  • 2016-06-06 22:23:21


  • 2016-06-03 13:47:29

    Answered, but no one responded, even though it sounded as if the line was open and there was activity on the other end. Called back and got an answering machine. According to results of Google search, this number is registered to Global Crossing Local Services. I received a call yesterday from a different phone number associated with the same company name. I blocked that number, so they called from a different number today. Search of yesterday's number revealed lots of complaints about this company being some kind of scam operator. Based on the information shared above, I tend to believe those reports.

  • 2016-05-31 22:45:55

    These people bother us all the time and also use 602-714-9693 as another number they call from. Evening calls are irritating.

  • 2016-05-27 19:43:06

    my voice mail clearly states (ALL SOLICITORS HANG UP NOW AND NEVER CALL BACK) but service master, heating and air conditioning seems to feel it does not apply to them... three phone calls in 9 minutes.. and thats just today 5/27/2016

  • 2016-05-23 13:42:01

    Texted regarding vehicle advertised for sale. Evasive in communicating-didn't ever answer questions directly. Intuition was it is a scammer, but don't know that for sure.

  • 2016-05-19 02:52:01

    I keep getting calls from 602-313-8407, 8434, and 8410. There is no response when I answer and they leave long messages of silence on my voicemail. They have been calling almost everyday for several months. If you're getting these calls and are on the "Do Not Call List" you should file a complaint with the FCC.

  • 2016-05-16 16:53:40

    Debt collector that won't stop calling despite the fact that my cell number is not connected with the debt they are trying to collect

  • 2016-05-11 09:51:50

    I'm have not received calls - that is number on my bill. Says Florida. No one answers or they hang up. I wish they would call me.

  • 2016-05-11 09:50:23

    They are suppose to be out of Florida. They keep charging me though I had free trial and have repeatedly tried to cancel. Going to have bank deal with it.

  • 2016-05-05 12:44:40

    Childrens cance careful ask for % they donate there is a family from Tenn. scamming millions from cancer charity donors not just children.

  • 2016-05-05 12:41:19

    Childrens cance

  • 2016-05-04 11:33:23

    spam for frys

  • 2016-04-07 12:28:39 Unknown

    Heard them breath, that is it.

  • 2016-04-06 19:28:30 Scammer

    A threat call

  • 2016-04-05 13:01:21 Unknown

    she is cheating with my husband

  • 2016-04-01 17:43:13 Missed Call


  • 2016-04-01 14:58:25 Unknown

    No answer

  • 2016-03-31 23:13:12 Unknown

    Received call from 602-944-4513. Caller ID said SRP. Did not answer and caller left no message.

  • 2016-03-31 16:53:19 Scammer

    Got multiple calls from this number and other 602-313-84** numbers. No answer when you pick up.

  • 2016-03-30 00:16:33 Unreachable

    This number is registered under a DeLuvia and Shane Griffin and used by one, YoLanda Arista because she is being sought by thousands of collection agencies. It is used by YoLanda Arista. I think it was recently disconnected.

  • 2016-03-29 14:16:27 Unknown

    Answered call from this number but caller never said anything.

  • 2016-03-24 19:31:57 Debt Collector

    This firm said that they were a mediation firm representing Citi Bank and they were trying to collect a debt of $1,674.31. The firm had the last 4 digits of my social security number. After I asked several questions about the debt they abruptly hung up. I called CitiBank and they turned it over to their Fraud Division.